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Canadian Club Pointe Claire Kayak Polo Club Pointe Claire (Montreal) Kayak Polo Club 
Gear Obeco Kayak Polo Products Obeco of Edmonton Canada 
Gear Alder Creek Kayak and Canoe Alder Creek Kayak & Canoe, the premiere paddle sports store and instructional center in Oregon, to serve all of your paddling needs. 
Gear Kayaks Plus Kayaks Plus 
Gear Peak UK Peak UK 
Insurance USA Canoe/Kayak USA Canoe/Kayak 
Insurance American Canoe Association American Canoe Association 
Message Board Portland Kayak Polo Yahoo Message Board This is where everyone can discuss Kayak Polo topics. 
Paddling Club Oregon Kayak & Canoe Club Oregon Kayak & Canoe Club 
Pictures 2009 US Kayak Polo Nationals Great pics taken by Scot Goodman 
Pictures Scot Goodman Photography Scott attends many kayak polo events and takes some outstanding pictures. 
Press Boston Kayak Polo Article Great article on Boston Kayak Polo 
Rules USCPC Quick Start Guide USCPC Kayak Polo Quick Start Guide 
Rules Boston Quick Start Guide Quick start guide to Kayak Polo. 
Strategy Kayak Polo Stragegy Nick Nagel of Boston Kayak Polo has posted some strategy information. 
UK Club Warwick Canoe Polo Club Warwick UK Canoe Polo Club 
US Club Florida Canoe Polo Club Florida Canoe Polo Club 
US Club New York Kayak Polo Club New York Kayak Polo Club 
US Club New England Kayak Polo New England (Boston) Kayak Polo Club 
US Club Oregon Kayak and Canoe Club The OKCC's primary focus is to organize whitewater river trips at various skill levels. 
US Club North Carolina Kayak Polo Club North Carolina Kayak Polo Club 
US Club Colorado Kayak Polo Club Fort Collins Colorado Kayak Polo Club 
US Club San Diego Kayak Polo Club San Diego Kayak Polo Club 
US Club Austin Kayak Polo Club Austin Texas Kayak Polo Club 
Video  Montreal Kayak Polo Promo Promo video of kayak polo! 
Video Kayak Polo Video Introduction Compliments of Bryant Burkhardt 
Video Boston Players Playing Around Steph and Scott playing around with a ball on the water 
Video Boston Club TV Segment News clip on the Boston kayak polo club 
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